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Wealth Management: The International Asset Monitor Service

International Asset Monitor provides an innovative, independent and comprehensive service suitable for anyone with direct or fiduciary responsibility for investments.

The service enables institutions, owners, managers, trustees and family offices to structure, monitor and control all aspects of the management of a substantial investment portfolio, whether managed directly through funds and/or externally, through discretionary managers.

Our Objective

To maximise investment returns, net of costs, at an objectively set and subsequently controlled level of risk that is directly appropriate to the client.

Our Services

International Asset Monitor Ltd, Louisiana House, South Esplanade, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 1BJ Tel: + 44(0)1481 716575 Fax: +44(0)1481 712571 Email

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Wealth Management

Perhaps now more than ever before it is imperative to ensure that one�s finances are managed correctly and professionally. As the world�s economic environment continues to be laced with uncertainty, many people are turning to trusted and experienced industry experts to help them through the times of fear and doubt which accompany a period of financial instability such as the current one. It is vital to ensure that you maximise investment returns and consult with an experienced team of financial professionals who can help walk and talk you through the complicated business of wealth management and asset management. An independent financial advisor with specialist skills can help high net worth individuals and group investors by delivering to them a comprehensive range of investment management and family office services to help control and manage their investments. The intent of these services is to help ensure that monies invested are looked after and ultimately made profitable. The financial advisor can help the individual or family office to control risk, stay on top of market fluctuations and changes and ensure that their investment management remains as solid and safe as possible in the continuing tough economic climate.

Investment Management

Independent financial advisors are here to help an investor and take the weight of worry off their plates. There is a great deal of alarming rumours and publicity surrounding the investment industry at present, and finance and banking in general, but most experts in the financial sector would agree that fear, uncertainty and doubt are no reason to stop investing. There are still outstanding investments to be had and a specialist consultancy which has expertise and experience in wealth management, investment management and family office techniques can be the investor's best friend. Being independent means that the financial advisor has no loyalty to anyone other than their client and ensures that they keep the client's best interests at heart, over and above any other parties or organisations. It is this peace of mind and sense of trust which leads so many investors, whether individuals or a family office, to put their faith in the advisor's wealth management skills. As such it is possible to find specialist consultancies in the financial sector who are, despite the high levels of fear and scepticism surrounding the industry, honest and trustworthy with their clients' best intentions at heart.

Better Than Banks

The big high street banks and large investment houses have seen their reputations take a battering in recent times, so now more than ever it makes a world of sense to trust your investment portfolio and wealth management to a niche firm of specialists. Smaller, specialist firms of independent financial advisors are able to remain more agile and nimble in their investment management work than the enormous banks are, and also deliver to their clients a more personalised service. Smaller, specialist independent financial advisors are able to manage client accounts on a case by case basis, giving personal service and attention to detail which larger financial institutions are simply not capable of giving. Whether your investment is on an individual basis as a high net worth investor or on a family office basis, you will receive private and dedicated advice and support to help ensure that your assets and savings are in the safest possible hands. If you have previously been the victim of mismanagement or even fraud at the hands of a larger financial house who did not take your investment management seriously enough for your liking, it could be well worth your while investigating the family office and wealth management services on offer from an independent financial advisor today.

Family Office

Wealthy family investment operations have very specific needs, so it is important to engage with an independent financial advisor who can provide these very unique services. A typical family office is an organisation which is operated by and on behalf of an individual family unit. The reason for having this type of set-up is to take a family fortune and simplify its investment management and wealth management as much as possible. This could involve such financial disciplines as managing investments in general, evaluating and managing tax payments, charitable donations, trust funds and also any other legal matters arising from financial dealings. A family unit such as this is intended to secure and look after investment management so that future generations of the family continue to benefit from their ancestors' wealth. Independent financial advisors are able to help and counsel families on this type of wealth management activity again thanks to their ability to be autonomous and nimble. If your family wealth is in need of proper, objective management from a team of dedicated and experienced financial sector professionals who have no allegiance to large financial houses or banks, then it would be worth you speaking to an independent financial advisor today.

Why Manage Wealth?

Since wealth management is a highly developed and sophisticated investment practice which is designed to protect and develop investors' funds, proper planning and preparation are key elements of the process. High net worth individuals and wealthy family office groups cannot trust slow-moving and cumbersome high street banks to safeguard their fortunes, so for assistance and expert advice with estate management, investment management, family office services and legal issues, an approach to an independent financial advisor makes a world of sense. An enquiry and consultation with an independent financial advisory firm in the short term can lead to the safety, security and sensible investment management that an investor wants to see in the long term. Wealth management is essential for groups or individuals who have built up significant fortunes over a long period of time and is a proven method of protecting and developing high net worth parties� investment portfolios and fortunes. As such if you are in a position where you feel that your investments are of such a level that you require this type of expertise, contact an independent financial advisor today to find out how best they can help you.

What Level of Service?

An independent financial advisor which specialises in wealth management services will take their wealthy client through a tailored process of evaluation before formulating the best way forward for their investment management. Some processes within the overall plan will be more flexible than others, but they will all have customised strategies designed to best manage their wealth and investments. All variables and factors will be worked into the process, including risk elements, market movement factors and family office aspects of the wealth and investments involved. It is in these details and ability to provide such bespoke economic services where independent financial advisors earn their keep, as they are able to provide such high levels of personalised and attentive service to their clients. Independent financial advisors appreciate that investment management is a vital and essential tool in protecting a high net worth individual or family office portfolio, more so than ever in the present economic climate, so their services are customised as such. Engaging with an independent financial advisor gets the investor access to levels of wealth management plus unique service which are rarely available at the huge, ubiquitous high street financial players.

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